Day 2: Bangkok, Thailand

October 15, 2016

On our second day in Bangkok, we went to Damnoen saduak floating market. You will have to ride a long tail boat to experience their floating market (of course! Lol) For me, this experience is somewhat exciting for it is new to me and also scary because there are scenarios where you will get stucked in the middle of the market cause there are many boats passing by and your boat will collide with other boats then you start to think how to get out of the “boat traffic” (as I call it) because seriously it is like bumper to bumper if you will compare it to cars and it is more complicated because you are in a water but I salute the “bangkeros/bangkeras” because they managed to get out of the “boat traffic” situation. Kudos! Somehow, I won’t advise you to buy items from there since it is all expensive because obviously many tourists visit the place so the locals take advantage of it and sell their products for much expensive price. However, if you really want a certain product that you saw there or you want a souvenir from the place, I will advise you to ask them to give it to you for a much cheaper price. But take note, you will get a souvenir from there when the boat tour finishes, someone will give a plate to you where your picture is in it. You just have to pay for it because there’s no more free things in this world except for free tastes/samples and hugs! We actually bought a fan that can be transformed into a hat (perfect for their weather and in the Philippines) from 200-300 baht each (i think or even higher) we got it for 100 baht each. Yup! That’s how expensive they sell things there. But asking them to lower their price is the solution! 😉 They might come to their own realizations that we (or Filipinos) are “kuripot” because asking them to lower their price is our hobby since we got in Bangkok lol. After that, we went to watch an Elephant show where you will see how they use elephants for agriculture, transportation as well as in their royal ceremonies in the early days (I think until now for the royal ceremonies) also you will get to see how elephants play football! There is also a scary-nerve-wracking-heart-stopping-crocodile show. Where the crocodile trainors will literally put their head inside the crocodiles mouth or will put something inside the crocodile mouth and get it afterwards. After all of that, the crocodiles closes their mouths and you can hear how loud it sounds. Just like thick wood to thick wood. AS IN REALLY THICK. Just imagine when a crocodile closes his mouth while your head is still in it. I’ll bet you’ll go home headless. After all of those experiences, we called it a day. Well, not really because we went shopping in Pratunam after. Number 1 tip when you’re in Bangkok: SHOP TILL YOU DROP. That’s all folks! My next post will consist of my experience in Madame Tussauds Bangkok and White Orchid River Dinner Cruise! 😜

3 thoughts on “Day 2: Bangkok, Thailand

  1. Our tour took us to the smaller and quieter Tha Kha market instead. Our long tail boat ride was peaceful there and we could see so much more, including the homes of the folks along the canals.


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