6 Things To Do in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand in Southeast Asia. If you are visiting the Land of Smiles soon, here are some tips and things you should try to enjoy most of Bangkok. It boasts beautiful temple structures, rich culture and unforgettable shopping experience that will make you want to come back.


1. Try their street foods

Their street food is really a must-try! Especially their barbecue! Ugh! I’m actually craving for it right now. You can bought it for 10 baht each from any market in Thailand. When I first taste it, I told myself that I have finally found the food that satisfies every single taste buds in my tongue.You can tell this by looking at the picture below since I already ate 2 pieces before I took the picture #GUILTY. From crab meat on stick, grilled corn, grilled squid, fried rice and everything! IT’S REALLY A MUST-TRY.


2. Hop on a Dinner Cruise

Whether Chao Phraya River Cruise or White Orchid River Cruise, it is totally worth every penny you spent. The food is okay. But don’t get me started with the view! The Rama VIII Bridge, The Royal Grand Palace, Wat Arun, and many more! They all look so amazing at night (and day) You can see these amazing views while dining and cruising at the Chao Phraya River. Ahhh! It was so relaxing and nice. Your tummy and eyes will surely be full when the cruise finishes. Though, you wouldn’t like this if you like your foods to be served hot because the food on the cruise was already cold.


3. Visit their temples

Though I haven’t got the chance to visit the temple of the Emerald Buddha, I would recommend you to visit it because even if I haven’t seen it personally, I know that it is so beautiful and worth visiting. I wasn’t able to visit it due to the king’s burial. An yes, we went there after their king died. But I was able to visit a temple called Wat Saket which is a home to the Golden Mountain. When you enter the temple, you will be greeted by a sitting buddha and when you go a little further you will see a huge standing buddha. Also, there is a Golden Mountain nearby where you need to climb a total of 344 steps to reach the temple at the top which houses different kinds of buddha (standing, reclining, sitting and etc) It also has a circular room which has 4 or more doors which seems like their prayer room. The top of the mountain has also a pretty amazing view.


4. See how their floating market works

Not being able to visit their floating market seems like you really haven’t been in Bangkok. Their floating market is rich in their culture. However, I wouldn’t suggest you to buy things or pasalubongs there since they double or even triple the price of their items which you can buy in weekend markets for a much cheaper price. But if you really want that certain item and thinks that you can only find it there, you should haggle, haggle and haggle. I tell you! It really works. I bought a fan there, the one which you can transform into a hat, the women said it was 300 baht but in the end we got it for 100 baht each I think. See?! It works. If you’re a pro in haggling, then you can use your expertise in Bangkok! Btw, if you ask something from any sellers there, they’ll pull your boat and will keep on offering you their items even if you didn’t tell them you’ll buy and just asked how much it is #StruggleIsREAL


5. Watch their Elephant and Crocodile Show

Here, you can see how Thais risk their lives in putting a coin inside a crocodile’s mouth and get it afterwards. Or even putting their head inside it! Gosh! It was literally breathtaking. Then you’ll hear the sound when the crocodiles close their mouth. You can really tell how hard their jaws are. While their elephant show will tell you how Thais used elephants for transportation, in their royal ceremonies and etc in the early years (and until now, I think) As well as elephants playing football or head standing and doing other stunts you won’t imagine being done by a humongous mammal.


Save the best for the last! To tell you honestly, 50% of our stay in Bangkok was spent for shopping. Well, who could resist low price products? We even bought a 64 GB USB for 450 baht. SEE?! Even though it is already low price, you can still save a little more by haggling (I told you. Haggling is important in Bangkok) and buying whole sale. We bought Thai pajamas – that’s what I call it. But those are pants that has a garter at its hem and has an elephant or Aztec print. It is really popular in Bangkok and we got it  for 80 baht each and we bought 24+ pieces. I recommend you to shop in Pratunam or Chatuchak weekend market for it is said to be the cheapest market in Bangkok.


That’s it for this blog! Hope it helped! Leave a comment if you have any questions to ask and I will gladly answer them for you.


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