Summer in Baler, Aurora

Baler is said to be one of the top surfing spots in the Philippines. According to Google it was at the top of the list of beach destinations in the Philippines. The nine-feet waves serves as its tourist asset, attracting hundreds of surfers especially during September – February which is the surfing season.

If you want to surf, and you’re a beginner, you can rent a surf board for 300 pesos an hour and it comes with a trainer. I swear, once you’ve tried it, you will always want to do it all over again. It’s like your system is longing for the humongous beach waves and surfing. In fact, an hour isn’t enough for me so I extended for another hour. Ooops sorry not sorry.

Baler is not just about surfing. You can also find here the history of the former President of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon who was born and raised in the province. His house and presidential car are displayed and you can even go inside the Dona Aurora’s house and see their kitchen, rooms and their very looooong dining table.


And the Museo de Baler where you can see the history of Baler from the Spanish colonial, American colonial and Japanese colonial periods. There are also different paintings inside the building.

TRIVIA: Baler was almost wiped out in 1735. And there’s an sculpture at the foot of Ermita Hill near the main road — Tromba Marina which serves as a reminder of what took place. A tsunami hit the town and only several families were able to climb the hill and survived.


Baler is also a home to the Millennium Tree which is the Largest Balete Tree in Asia. It is so large that you can get inside it.


And to those adrenaline junkies out there, these are for you:

The province also offers a long hanging bridge that will make your heart skip a beat. I have no intentions on crossing that bridge because first, It’s my first time and second, I can not imagine myself falling off that bridge and having my camera on my neck. I don’t wanna risk my life as well as my camera’s. However, our tour guide kinda challenged us that they’ll be waiting on the other side of the bridge. Oh God no. Please tell me I heard it wrong. But, I didn’t. So we had no choice but to cross the damn bridge. At first, it was okay but when we were at the middle, it was slightly tilted to its right. IS THIS THE END OF MY LIFE? Of course not! In fact, I was able to cross the bridge safe an sound! Phew! Finally, I was able to breathe again.


If crossing the hanging bridge is not enough, well I guess this one will satisfy your adventurous side.

Trekking all the way to Ditumabo Falls or the Mother Falls may take up to an hour to see the fascinating natural waterfall of Baler, Aurora. But take a tip from me that it is a one rewarding trek!

From Manila, it is a 5-hour ride to Baler if you’ll be riding a private van. And a 9-hour ride if you’ll be riding a bus.

Hurry and take a break from the bustling city and appreciate our nature as well as our culture and learn a lot from our history.


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