Resort Review: El Pescador Resort

Where is El Pescador Resort? How much is it per  night? What are the activities we can do during our stay? Are we allowed to bring foods? Is it good? And etc. All these questions will be answered below and if your question was not answered, you can always post a comment on this blog or message the resort itself.


El Pescador Resort is located in San Andres St., Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines. It is a 6-hour drive from Metro Manila. We left TriNoma mall at around 9:50 am and we arrived in Bolinao at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. We only had 2-3 stop overs.


Rates are from PHP 1,550 – PHP 12,550 (USD 30.89 – USD 250.07) They have a sea-side hotel and houses you can stay at. If you want to stay in a house, you can choose to stay at the power house or the beach house. You can also stay at the attic of the twin building. Or at the traditional nipa huts.

TIP: I suggest you to stay at the attic room for it has a great view. It is for 12 persons. The room has 6 double beds, a room to dine in or just enjoy the view and a private shower/restroom.  (Twin Building Attic B – PHP 11,550 / USD 230.14 )


View from the attic


One of the houses


You can rent a bike and enjoy the resort while riding it. Also, you can rent a love boat or a kayak. You can also enjoy the pool and the beach. However, when we were there, they are doing something at the beach and we were not able to enjoy it. But we enjoyed the pool and the slide. And I think the 6-hour journey is worth it even without the beach. 😉


The food you can buy inside the resort is delicious even though it is quite expensive. Especially the Patatim (Pork dish that uses pig’s leg as its main ingredient), Shanghai Fried rice, prawns and their Beef Broccoli! Yum! There is also a cafe where you can buy sandwiches, frappes, ice creams and other snacks. If you do not want to buy food inside, you can bring food. However, there is no cooking area inside or even a microwave oven but I’m not sure if you can ask the restaurant to re-heat your food. There are only grills available.


The Restaurant


Overall, I think El Pescador Resort is nice. It has great rooms and the pool is clean. The food are delicious. However, there are downsides, the stairs going to the slide is not well-maintained and is quite dangerous especially for the kids. The foods are quite expensive. Their cafe doesn’t have ice cream cones nor plastic cups. They made us angry first before they told us that they have cups. Smh. Lastly, the attic room has no phone service unlike the hotel rooms. But, don’t let those downsides prevent you from enjoying the resort for there are still many things that it offers to make up the downsides.

El Pescador website:

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