Travel diary: Palawan Escapade!

I always wanted to visit this paradise ever since I’ve seen many people ending their vacation in much satiation due to the ravishing islands and beaches the province has to offer. From humongous limestones, clear blue and green waters, snorkeling spots, well-preserved corals etc. —  you name it, Palawan has it! 😉

Our trip to Palawan isn’t that perfect. There is a day when almost all of us got sick due to the foods we ate (I think) and some experienced nausea and vomiting while we’re on a boat to Coron. Nonetheless, we all had fun and wished we still have time and won’t be back in Manila for a few more days.

Day 1 – Departure from Manila to Puerto Princesa

Our flight was at 10:15 am and we arrived in Puerto Princesa at 11:35 am. We rested for awhile and some of us went to the local mall and bought some stuff. For dinner, since one of us is celebrating his birthday, we went to Ka Lui for dinner which is quite an expensive restaurant if you ask me. But the food is good especially the shrimp and fish cordon bleu. Before you enter the restaurant, you need to take off your shoes first. Inside it, there are many beautiful paintings hanging on the wall and spots where you can take your #OOTDs and travel photos.

Day 2 – Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park + Arrival in El Nido

On our second day, we went to where Palawan is most known for — the Underground river! It was indeed a great experience. Even though while waiting for our boat, I am scared some monkey might jump onto me or snatch my hat, camera or anything I am holding that time. Yup! You read it right. There is a monkey and some other animals you might encounter on the site. I even saw a monkey snatched a Gatorade from someone in the area and drink it. Luckily, I managed to stay out of the sight of any monkey/s near us. Inside the cave, there are so many bats (Of course!) and rock formations like the big candle, a beautiful woman, different fruits and veggies etc. There is also a part of the cave where they call it “The Cathedral” since it is the highest point of the cave. The “bangkero” will point his flashlight to the rock formations. You’ll just have to sit and listen to the gadget they will give you. The gadget also has an earphone (Yes! For only one ear) so no need to worry. After we visited the underground river, we went straight to El Nido which is a 5-hour drive from Puerto Princesa in other words, you will need to cross 3 mountains. Ugh! #TheStruggleIsReal especially if you’re a tall person!!!!!!!! My knees and butt are already aching for Pete’s sake! I forgot to mention that it feels like a roller coaster ride #DoubleKill (Mehehe. Shout out to LoL players out there!)

Day 3 – Island Hopping @ El Nido

THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING FOR ME!!! El Nido is known for its beautiful islands and limestones as well as its clear waters!!! No one could imagine how excited I am to explore such paradise. We chose the Island hopping Tour A which includes Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, 7 Commandos beach and an island which I forgot its name. We’ve passed through Helicopter Island which exactly looks like an Helicopter! (DUH! They didn’t name it “Helicopter Island” for no reason) Moving on — Big Lagoon is one of their famous attractions. Actually, it’s one of my favorite. It’s just so enchanting. My second favorite is the 7 commandos beach because of its clear green water. We also had a side trip at Las Cabanas beach which is known to be one of the best site to watch the sunset. But when we were there, the sky is quite dark signifying that there is an upcoming rain. So, we were not able to watch a supposed to be beautiful sunset but instead a gloomy sky. Bummer! Nonetheless, the 5-hour “roller coaster ride” is still worth it because El Nido is such a wonderful place everyone has to visit during a vacation in Palawan.

 Day 4 – Departure from El Nido to Coron

This is the day I mentioned above that most of us got sick. And our boat almost left us. When we were at the Port, and its our turn to pick our seats and get our tickets, the lady told us that they don’t have any reservations for us but take note that we made our early reservation through JY Travel and Tours and they sent us a voucher stating that they have already reserved us a ticket and the worst became much worst (If that’s possible) when they told us that they are already FULLY BOOKED! Holy cow! So this is what happened, the travel agency already reserved us a ticket but the Montenegro Lines Office in Coron (It is where the travel agency bought us a ticket) didn’t specify which agency have reserved tickets for 17 pax and their office in El Nido thought that those 17 pax are from different agencies (not form JY) and were not able to reserve tickets for us. But somehow we managed to arrive in Coron still with Montenegro Lines even though it is fully booked. How? Well, we were placed at the open area of the boat where they put all the luggage of their passengers. They gave us plastic chairs. We agreed because we thought we will be placed inside the boat where it is fully air-conditioned and they gave us more or less 40% refund when it should really be 50% because we were placed at the most uncomfortable seats any passenger wouldn’t imagine.  Luckily, our travel agency gave us 10% more since they believe that it should really be 50%.  Also, since we cancelled our tour in Coron because most of us are sick, they offered us a free tour in Kayangan Lake so that our trip to Coron would not go to waste.


Day 5 – Kayangan Lake + our last day :-((

Kayangan Lake is the number one attraction in Coron and there is no wonder why. Before you see the lake itself, you’ll have to climb God-knows-how many steps. Only to go down when you reach the top (It’s a hill). However, it is soooo worth it. Since there is a view deck at the top where you can see such a beautiful sight (Note: It is not yet the lake)


You’ll see the lake itself after you go down the hill. The lake is so nice to swim at. It doesn’t hurt your eyes even though it is quite salty. You can also see some rock formations under the water. I advise you to go there first thing in the morning since it can get too crowded at noon or even early noon. Since we haven’t explored much of Coron yet, I would like to go back there someday and share it with you guys again once I’d been able to.


The lake. (And my cousin)

If you wish to see the video of our Palawan trip, Click this: Palawan Escapade!

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