FooDiary: Isdaan Floating Restaurant

Whenever me and my family goes North, we will always eat lunch or dinner in this restaurant. It is one of my favorite since there is a lot of things you can do while dining. Also, the foods are #TheBOMB!!! So, I will always convince them to have our lunch in this one of a kind restaurant.

Isdaan Floating Restaurant is located at the Northern part of Luzon particularly in Gerona, Tarlac. It is a 2-hour drive from Manila. However, they also have a branch in Calauan, Laguna which is at the Southern part of Luzon. I don’t know much about their branch in Laguna for we always visit their branch in Tarlac so that’s what I will write about today.



Every weekend, they have this event called “Bata-batuta Day” in which they conduct fun games and activities for the kids and kids at heart as well as giving off toys to all the kids. Yep! Win or lose. You can also have your face painted and every kid gets a free balloon plus fish food that they can use to feed the fishes in the restaurant of course!

As its name says, it is a floating restaurant therefore it is surrounded by water and is man-made, btw! The water is about 6-9 feet so they give life vests for the kids. They also have challenges for the adults to try like their San-kilo bridge where you have to cross a thin bridge. It has shell obstacles and a water-shooting monkey near the end but if you succeeded to cross the bridge, you’ll get a 1-kilogram of fish. Yay! You can also release all  your anger in “Tacsiyapo” where you can throw a plate, mug or whatever you like with all your might on the wall while shouting “Tacsiyapo”



Let’s move on to the most exciting part — the food! Personally, I love love love their Seafood Kare-kare, a mixed seafood dish with peanut sauce and veggies. Also their Chicken Tinupig, a local roasted chicken. Ugh! Yes! I’m talking about heaveeenn! 😍 It might take awhile for the foods to be served but I assure you that it is worth the wait! And you can always roam around the place and take Instagram-worthy pictures. When we last dine in there, the food was not served hot anymore unlike the first few months when we just newly discovered it. So we were not fully satisfied with the food. Err! I hope that it will only happen one time. I can not remember the price of the foods/meals due to the fact that they offer a loooot of food. But, I remember that it is a bit pricey. Despite of their short-comings, me and my cousins still enjoyed the place and had fun.


Yay! I found the MENU of the restaurant!


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