Exploring Hong Kong

First of all, I would like to apologize for this is long overdue. For the reason of I’m a student and had to deal with many school stuff. Sooooooo, let’s get on to the real deal of this post. Exploring Hong Kong is not that hard. Even if you’re a first timer. I assure you it isn’t. Their train system is very convenient and not much expensive. Also, you don’t have to worry about attraction tickets for Klook gotcha back! 😉

Hong Kong is an autonomous territory  of China on the Pearl River Delta. It used to be a British colony. Philippines is one of the many countries which can visit Hong Kong without getting a visa beforehand. To see their visa policy, click here.

We stayed at The Imperial Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui. This hotel is the best choice! Or should I say, #THEBOMB.COM for it is near the MTR Tsim Sha Tsui station and malls or shopping centers. Also, their rooms are clean and spacious. Room rate is not that expensive. And lastly, perfect especially to those who don’t want to spend much but still want to be comfortable AF after a very tiring walk around the city.


On our first night, after dropping off our luggage in our hotel, we went straight to Temple Street, a night market which is just one station away from our hotel to eat some authentic Chinese foods which we are all excited about. We ate at a local restaurant and went shopping after. Yay! Hong Kong is truly a haven for shopaholics like my cousin (and maybe me??). They have so many to offer at a really really cheap price!! However, I think shopping in Bangkok is slightly cheaper and both of them offer almost the same products and quality. But still, it is fun to shop in HK! They have sooo many night markets! From Temple Street, Mong Kok, Ladies’ Market and etc!


The next day, we went to Hong Kong Disneyland! Woooo! I am the happiest because I’m at the happiest place on earth and no one can stop me!! …the inner child of me said. However, we didn’t enjoy much because my cousin suddenly felt sick due to the intense heat. So we had to go back to our hotel early. But, nonetheless, we had fun and rode few rides and ate their signature mickey and minnie ice cream!! As well as watch the Disney parade which I am disappointed about because I expected that it’ll be long and all the disney characters are there. Guess what? It is short and not everyone is in there!! And what disappoints me the most is that MOANA is not there!! She’s the one I am so thrilled to see and she is not there!! How could you ruin my dream, Disney?? 😭 Moving on…


On our second day, we went to Macau. Aaaandddd, I will write a separate blog post for that. Stay tuned!

Last day in Hong Kong, we went to Ngong Ping Village and climbed the stairs all the way up to Tian Tan Buddha. We rode a cable car to be able to go there because it is located in Lantau which is an island in Hong Kong. Take note that our cable car has a glass bottom. #BESTEXPERIENCEEVER!! You can choose between their standard cabin or crystal cabin — the one that has a glass bottom. On the way up, we can see people below hiking through the mountain as well as trees and some falls. Once you reached the end of Ngong Ping 360, just walk a little and you’ll be able to see the Ngong Ping Village. Inside the village, there is a variety of souvenir shops and restaurants. At the end of the village, you’ll spot the stairway to the Tian Tan Buddha on your right. Also called as the Big Buddha. Also, you should find the guy who sells the best dimsum ever! If you see a guy who seems to be (or is) grilling some dimsum at the end of the Ngong Ping village, that’s the one! I promise! It’s so delicious! Yum! We even witnessed of what I think is a parade of graduating monks. And a local gave us a bag of kitkat for us to give to the monks. And that’s a once in a lifetime experience I would never forget because it felt like I am a local even if it’s just for a few minutes and got to learn something about their religion and culture. After all of those little adventures, we went next to the Peak tram which is a train-ride to the highest point in Hong Kong. It will allow you to see a 360 degree view of Hong Kong. And at that very moment, I feel blessed to be able to see such scenery. It was a mixture of tall buildings and nature. Truly, God did such an amazing job.



To see more of our journey, watch my video about our trip to Hong Kong here.

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