A Guide To The City of Lion

Seat sales are now popular which makes traveling easier and affordable. You can even go in an Asian tour without breaking the bank. You just have to wait and be patient for that Piso-fare we’re all have been waiting for. Cebu Pacific, an airline based in the Philippines always has a seat sale and it includes an affordable fare going to the City of Lion! And for you to be extra-ready for that Singapore trip you’ve been dreaming of, I created a list of what you can do and visit during your ultimate vacation!


Singapore is sometimes referred to as the Lion City, Garden City or Little Red Dot. It is a sovereign-city state in Southeast Asia. Of all the countries I’ve been to, this one is one of my favorites besides from Japan. It is so clean and everywhere is sooooo picture-perfect. Plus, you can do a lot of fun activities and sightseeing. And don’t forget about their food especially the LiHo honey milk-tea and snacks at Old Chang Kee! Yum! (PS. Try those!)

1.) The famous Merlion

You haven’t been to Singapore if you don’t have a picture with their Merlion or didn’t even see it. In Singapore, there are 3 merlion statues — the Papa, Mama and baby merlion. The Mama Merlion is the most famous. It is near the Marina Bay Sands. The one which shoots water to the river. (Haha! Sorry I can’t explain it properly lol hope ya understood what I’m saying) And behind her is the baby merlion which basically the smallest merlion statue in Singapore. While the biggest is Papa Merlion which is located in Sentosa Island.


 2.) Gardens by the Bay

Okay, okay! This is my favorite part. IT IS SO MAJESTIC! I cannot find words to describe it. All I can say is WOW! From the Super Trees to the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. OMG! IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY YOU SPENT FOR THE TICKETS. This is highly recommended! I swear! See for yourself! And I suggest you stay until night to see its magic! 😉


3.) Universal Studios Singapore

This one’s also my favorite! Lol! I’m sure that at this point, you can truly prove that Singapore is one of my favorite countries hehe! They have the Transformers ride which you can only enjoy in US Singapore and US Hollywood (I think??) and their Battlestar Galactica!! OMG! I won’t ever forget the feeling of riding it the first time. I thought it was slow, but after a few seconds it went really fast like we’re on a spaceship and it has been launched into the sky. Whew! Btw, there are two rollercoasters which seem like they are connected but they are really different from each other. The first one is in color red a.k.a Human which is quite mild and the other is in color grey a.k.a Cylon which is much challenging. And of course, I rode the red one hehe! Hey! It was my first time to ride a rollercoaster that big so it is a level up for me. LOL! Also, try the Revenge of the Mummy ride!

4.) Sentosa Island

Universal Studios Singapore is located in Sentosa. So, if you’re already finished enjoying the rides at US, you can explore the island next. It offers a lot of activities like, sightseeing while riding a cable car, 4D adventure land, S.E.A Aquarium, Tiger Sky Tower, watch Wings of Time and etc.  Another good thing is that the activities they offer are not just for kids but for adults as well. So, it is really fun and a must especially for families.

The aforementioned activities are my most favorites and the ones I’ve been to. There are still many activities and tourist spots in SG that I didn’t get to visit due to lack of time like their River Safari and Singapore Zoo. Also, if you’re looking for shops you can buy souvenirs from at a cheap price, try looking at Bugis!


PS. I know that on my last post, I said that I will post about our Macau trip but I decided to write this first because I’m afraid I might forget all the details about our Singapore trip so yeah! Hope ya understand!

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