5 Things To Do in Tokyo during Winter

There are a lot of things to do in Tokyo and clearly you cannot do all of them in just 2 days! Visiting Disneyland or Disney sea is already a day itself. But if you only have 3 days in Japan I advise you to enjoy the beauty of its nature and city first and save Disneyland later when you have the chance to visit Tokyo for a much longer time.


Fourth Station, Mt. Fuji

Shall we start, aye?

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6 Things To Do in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand in Southeast Asia. If you are visiting the Land of Smiles soon, here are some tips and things you should try to enjoy most of Bangkok. It boasts beautiful temple structures, rich culture and unforgettable shopping experience that will make you want to come back.


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Day 3: Bangkok, Thailand

October 16, 2016

Guess who’s birthday it is??! 🙋🏻🙋🏻 Yup! It’s me! Yayyyy! Since it’s my birthday (and Sunday) we went first to the Holy Redeemer Church in Pratunam to attend a mass then head off to Siam Paragon Mall for Madame Tussauds woooo! Ofcourse, we ate our lunch first in the food hall of the mall where you’ll have to buy a card to be able to buy meals from its stalls. They offer both international and thai cuisines. And sorry because I forgot how much each card costs but it’s like some load card and you have to return it to the counter after or no. It’s your choice. Okay, let’s get in to the most exciting part, the *drum rolls* MADAME TUSSAUDS!!!! I’ve been wanting to visit it since forever and have a picture with my babies (One Direction) even if it’s just their wax figures, it feels like it’s the real one! I saw Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, Obama, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Mario Maurer, Mark Zuckerberg, Beethoven, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Oprah, The Beatles, One Direction and more wax figures! But when I saw One Direction’s wax figure, I couldn’t take my eyes away from them. It’s like they are THE REAL ONE DIRECTION. I swear I could take them to the airport and bring them home. I hugged each one of them and touched their faces and imagined what would I do if I meet the real one? Omg! I can already die. 😱 My mom, tita and tito are making fun of me because I was fangirling so much. I couldn’t help it! After all of that, I said goodbye to them even though it was the hardest thing to do, we went to our hotel and shop a little before it is our time to have dinner at the White Orchid Dinner Cruise. The view from the cruise was splendid. You will see so many beautiful temples, buildings and you’ll get to pass by the Rama VIII Bridge which is the most beautiful thing for me in Bangkok except for the Grand Temple and Emerald Buddha which I didn’t get to visit because the king died and they aren’t allowing people to visit the temple. However, the cruise was so amazing! The food was delicious but I am that impressed because for me it’s just some simple food you’ll get to eat from restaurants. Nothing special but still the experience was astonishing. The cruise took about 2 hours. And we head back to our hotel. To recharge from all that adventures (and fangirling).

Day 2: Bangkok, Thailand

October 15, 2016

On our second day in Bangkok, we went to Damnoen saduak floating market. You will have to ride a long tail boat to experience their floating market (of course! Lol) For me, this experience is somewhat exciting for it is new to me and also scary because there are scenarios where you will get stucked in the middle of the market cause there are many boats passing by and your boat will collide with other boats then you start to think how to get out of the “boat traffic” (as I call it) because seriously it is like bumper to bumper if you will compare it to cars and it is more complicated because you are in a water but I salute the “bangkeros/bangkeras” because they managed to get out of the “boat traffic” situation. Kudos! Somehow, I won’t advise you to buy items from there since it is all expensive because obviously many tourists visit the place so the locals take advantage of it and sell their products for much expensive price. However, if you really want a certain product that you saw there or you want a souvenir from the place, I will advise you to ask them to give it to you for a much cheaper price. But take note, you will get a souvenir from there when the boat tour finishes, someone will give a plate to you where your picture is in it. You just have to pay for it because there’s no more free things in this world except for free tastes/samples and hugs! We actually bought a fan that can be transformed into a hat (perfect for their weather and in the Philippines) from 200-300 baht each (i think or even higher) we got it for 100 baht each. Yup! That’s how expensive they sell things there. But asking them to lower their price is the solution! 😉 They might come to their own realizations that we (or Filipinos) are “kuripot” because asking them to lower their price is our hobby since we got in Bangkok lol. After that, we went to watch an Elephant show where you will see how they use elephants for agriculture, transportation as well as in their royal ceremonies in the early days (I think until now for the royal ceremonies) also you will get to see how elephants play football! There is also a scary-nerve-wracking-heart-stopping-crocodile show. Where the crocodile trainors will literally put their head inside the crocodiles mouth or will put something inside the crocodile mouth and get it afterwards. After all of that, the crocodiles closes their mouths and you can hear how loud it sounds. Just like thick wood to thick wood. AS IN REALLY THICK. Just imagine when a crocodile closes his mouth while your head is still in it. I’ll bet you’ll go home headless. After all of those experiences, we called it a day. Well, not really because we went shopping in Pratunam after. Number 1 tip when you’re in Bangkok: SHOP TILL YOU DROP. That’s all folks! My next post will consist of my experience in Madame Tussauds Bangkok and White Orchid River Dinner Cruise! 😜

Day 1: Bangkok, Thailand

OCTOBER 14, 2016

So…obviously, this is a super duper late post since it’s already 2017 and this happened last year…#guilty. Okay enough with the explanation. Yes! Me and my family went to Bangkok last year. And yes, we went there a day or two after their king died. The traffic was heavy in all over the city because all of the locals from province or in Bangkok of course want to visit their king’s burial but I heard that people are not allowed to enter the temple where the king is. They’re only allowed outside the temple but I think that they allowed them to see the king for one day? I’m not sure. I also heard that they will mourn for 1 year and all of the locals (and tourists) as much as possible to wear black or white. The picture of their king was all over Thailand. From malls, buildings, hotels and wherever you look, all you can see is a big, medium or small picture of their king displayed with flowers on each side and a notebook on the front where you are allowed to sign on it and show your sympathy. Everyone is allowed to sign whether you’re a tourist or a local you can sign the notebook (We actually signed on it hehe) We did not stay on a hotel but instead we stayed on a condominium where you are allowed to stay for days and their rate is also based per night. The owner of the condominium room is also a Filipino. We also get tour packages from them. And when you go outside the building it’s like a Divisoria version of Thailand. All of the items that are being sold was so CHEAP. We actually got a pajama (the one which you will see all of the tourists in Thailand wear and I think is also trending here in Philippines) for 80 baht (110 pesos) and their souvenir shirts are mostly sold for 100 baht (138 pesos) but some of them sell their pajama for 100-200+ baht so when you’re buying items in Thailand be sure to ask them to lower their price and another tip is it is cheaper when you buy large amount of items 😉 AND you can sell it here in Philippines or give it to your relatives/friends as pasalubongs! When we went to Divisoria last year (after our Bangkok trip) I concluded that all items there are from Bangkok 😂 and they’re selling it for much expensive price. When you want to visit and shop in Bangkok, wait for Cebu Pacific’s promo fare. Sometimes the fare to Bangkok is only Php2,099 (one-way) and you don’t need to bring loads of clothes because I swear you can still achieve your #TravelOOTDgoals even when you don’t bring your whole closet with you on your trip to Bangkok because you have a variety of choices there. From fashionable and trendy shoes to kimonos to camisoles to boho tops and bottoms. I SWEAR EVERYTHING IS SO #OOTDGOALS. Especially in the morning. There are sooooo many clothes to choose from. Even pajamas and character jackets. And their fruits are sooooo big like mangoes, sugar-apples (atis) durians and many more. Note: Their lanzones is a must-try! My tita liked it so much because she said it is soooo sweet. Btw, this is in Phetchaburi Rd – the street where our hotel is located. A Filipino also said that you can also buy cheap items (or even cheaper) in Pratunam and Chatuchak weekend market. Lastly, the tricycle you see in the photo above is called tuk-tuk. They said it is cheaper when you explore Thailand if you use tuk-tuk as a mode of transportation (not in long-haul destinations ofcourse) And make sure to try their barbecue, fried rice and all kinds of seafood which are for me, the best food they have to offer.

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